Alien Incident

Published: March 24, 2011 - Last update: September 29, 2010 - 2727 downloads

Alt names
Muukalaisten Yö, Leokadian
GameTek, Inc.
Housemarque Ltd.
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Description of Alien Incident

To shortly resume Alien Incident (also known as Muukalaisten Yö, Leokadian), it's about adventure and puzzle-solving. It was done by Housemarque Ltd. in 1996. Feel free to download and try it!

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seannachie added this comment :

None of the executable files work except SYSTEM (which lets you set sound card options). I get the message 'Type AI to play the game', Typing AI / Running AI.COM prints a system report (memory, etc.) then exits to the prompt.


hobo added this comment :

I loved playing this game when i was a kid.
Back then I couldn't beat the game because i was stuck with how to get into the spaceship. So I downloaded it, finished the game, and I feel great.


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