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Life & Death: You are the Surgeon!, Life and Death
Software Toolworks, Inc., The
Software Toolworks, Inc., The
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To shortly resume Life & Death (also known as Life & Death: You are the Surgeon!, Life and Death), it's about simulation and . It was done by Software Toolworks, Inc., The in 1988. Feel free to download and try it!

Arguable the best doctor games ever produced for the PC (well, Theme Hospital comes close, but that is more of a management game), Life & Death 1 and 2 put you in the role of surgeon who specializes in digestive systems in the first game, and brain surgery in the second. Diagnose patients correctly and perform increasingly difficult more advanced procedures to get promoted. The games are much celebrated for their strong emphasis on realism (not surprisingly, since their designer is a real doctor). The games also boast high educational value as well, since every time you make mistakes you'll be sent to a classroom to learn what you did wrong. And yes, there IS an end to each of these games-- it just takes a lot of patience, dozens of successful surgeries, and steady hands :) Thumbs up!
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Smiley added this comment :

Yeah, I remember how about a third of the time it would be gas pain, so you could medicate it instead of surgery. Those would be the only survivors in my games. :]

#2529 added this comment :

I used to purposely misdiagnose people in this game to avoid having to remember how to do surgery. Lol. Great game.


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