No Greater Glory: The American Civil War

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: December 30, 2011 - 2667 downloads

Historical Battle (specific/exact), Managerial
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Space Time Simulations
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Description of No Greater Glory: The American Civil War

Discover No Greater Glory: The American Civil War, an excellent game of 1991. With top-down perspective, the publisher Strategic Simulations, Inc. had wonderful ideas around historical battle (specific/exact), managerial.

Revolution '76 and No Greater Glory are grand wargames covering the entire U.S. Civil War. You choose to be either Lincoln or Davis and you must deal with politics, cabinet choices, internal bickering, appointments and firings of generals and of course..the conduct of the actual war itself! Both games are designed by Ed Bever, longtime Sid Meier collaborator and himself a veteran wargamer. Highly recommended!
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Josh added this comment :


It sounds like you re playing with the CSA with limited intel if you are seeing 400k troops by 1862. Limited intel shows inaccurate troop numbers. Switch to full intel, or ignore the numbers and do your best to make estimations.


TXRaider added this comment :

The game is not impossible to beat as CSA with limited intell and historical difficulty. I can win (with CSA) about half the me on those settings.


Chris added this comment :

The game is literally broke. Doesn't matter who I play the other side have 400k troops by 1862. It's just broken I don't know what else to say. Any suggestions?


TLF added this comment :

the game is in black & white how do i fix this?


Josh added this comment :

p 30, move

Its possible to beat the game on those settings... just difficult and requires a little luck. If you still play/read this, leave a message and i'll be happy to send some tips.


hi added this comment :

how do you start it?


LegalBeagle added this comment :


p6, peace
p39, economy

This game is strictly impossible to beat as CSA, using random leaders, limited intell, historical difficulty. I've tried at least two dozen times and always run into disaster in 1862. :)


LegalBeagle added this comment :

Answers to (most) copy protection questions:

p4, press
p11, administer
p13, capital
p21, strategic
p49, cabinet
p50, Richmond

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