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Adult, Puzzle-Solving
Sexxy Software
Image Line Entertainment Software
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Description of Porntris

Developed by Image Line Entertainment Software and published by Sexxy Software, Porntris is a strategy game revolving around adult, puzzle-solving. It was published in 1993, feel free to download and play it now!

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slowfreq added this comment :

thanks image-line! you make great music software, and now i can have some fun after i'm done


A Wise Old Man added this comment :

What? You've got this, but you don't have either version of Virtual Valerie? What sort of pirate are you, sir? :angry:


kk added this comment :



Tetris Master added this comment :

Holy shit... this is amazing(ly funny)

Never in my life did a porn version of tetris every cross my mind.
When I started playing I was like "There is no way they are gonna show anything past topless... " They proved me wrong fast.

Its a pretty solid tetris game but i haven't found a pause button yet.
I think the porn is a good way of keeping the Male (or maybe female) player going. I would love to play this game longer because it found myself laughing that such a thing is even real.

The porn in this game is a little odd... the backdrop is a still picture and as you clear lines you slowly delete the sidebar and showing a "Movie" The movie is really just a bunch of animated pictures being looped. I say download it and play it because its quite the sight to see a porn version of tetris.


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