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Trans World
Starbyte Software
Starbyte Software
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In 1990, Starbyte Software publishes Transworld (de) (also known as Trans World), a managerial game for the DOS system. Offering simulation genre, it is now an abandonware.

A game from Germany, from Starbyte, from 1990. What could it be? Yes! You're right, another management simulation... of course *yawn* - although puzzle game could have been another good option to think of. This time in Transworld, you are put into the position to manage a forwarding business [Zumindest der Babbelfisch erzไhlt mir, dass das Spedition auf English heisst]. Actually, quite nice, well laid out and one of the more entertaining games of its genre, although the scope is quite limiting and long-term playability is much lower than classics of the genre (e.g. Transport Tycoon). Note: Game and manual are in German.
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