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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an abandonware?

An abandonware is a game that is no longer sold by its company, in physical store or online. Abandonware has never been a clear category in software, sometimes the software editor or publisher simply closed or have been bought. Many games get out of abandonware status now with or Steam, although they do not always have support to make them running on recent computers. For more informations on abandonware, you may visit wikipedia.

Is it free?

We allow you download old games for free, but we do not take any responsibility for downloads considered illegal in your country.

Do I have to register?

No, you can download at full speed when not registered. If you register, we may give you updates by mail.

How can I help?

We refuse donations but we would gladly accept help on the game catalog : missing screenshots mainly, game reviews or game playing instructions also. Finding missing games in the catalog can be great, we are looking for rare 80s and early 90s DOS titles, we can provide a list. Anyway, start by dropping us a mail so we get to know each others.

You may also talk about us to your friends, on any social networks, your blog... Spread the word!

When do you release new games?

We release one game per week, every sunday morning. Some games may be randomly published during the week.

I can't play a game, can you help?

We do not provide game support through mail. Always start by reading our guide : how to play abandonware.

I can't download the game!?

We use a secure system to ensure the game files are not downloaded from another site. You have to display the game page first, them click on the download button. If you don't access our site in a fancy way, you should be able to download immediately and at full speed.

Can you help me remember this game?

We can't help you remember a game, the best way is to browse the site and come by a familiar screen. You can also use the MobyGames Game Browser. You may also try to ask on the gaming subreddit.

Can you add this game?!

We do not add games on request, except when you are willing to upload it to us. We rarely add games of the 2000 era, please don't ask except if you have a good reason to make it available on MyAbandonware.

The game asks for a code in the manual!

A classic game protection in the 80s and early 90s was to ask for specific texts found in the printed game manual. Most of the time, our game archives are cracked, meaning you don't have to enter anything at all, or enter anything, then hit enter.

Try to do this first, if it's still not working, you should google the game name + manual and use the scanned manual. Drop us a mail then with the attached manual, we will upload it. If the manual can't be found, send us a mail, we'll see what we can do.

Slow downloads

Our servers are really fast but located in France. If you get slow downloads, we can't do anything about it, you will have to be patient.

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