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Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)
Codebusters, Inc.
Codebusters, Inc.
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Description of 10Rogue

Discover 10Rogue, an excellent game of 1984. With perspective, the publisher Codebusters, Inc. had wonderful ideas around .

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Pink Floyd in Space added this comment :

Who cares about the graphics in this game? That is the whole problem with too many reviewers who never played games because they were fun and grew up with Playstation and XBox rather than Atari 2600. Most of today's RPG's cant touch this classic. It has graphics that might remind you of Beast and very similar in play and perhaps the forerunner to the great Nethack. Early games based off of classic D&D tabletop are still some of the most fun RPG's out there. 10 Rogue is no exception. No ti does not have cut-scenes or story-lines. It has absolute FUN! Something way too many games lack in today's generation.


Amon added this comment :

5/10. Fucking sucks but not 1/10 worthy.


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