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Alt name
Astro Grover
Licensed Title, Math / Logic
Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Children's Television Workshop
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Description of Astro-Grover

1987 saw the release of Astro-Grover (also known as Astro Grover) on the DOS system. A educational game, created by Children's Television Workshop and distributed by Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.. If you like licensed title, math / logic, download, install and enjoy Astro-Grover!

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Jackie added this comment :

I had forgotten about this game, my parents bought me so many Sesame Street games for the Commodore 64, including this one. It really is amazing looking back as an adult, and realizing how innovative Jim Henson and Co were in creating edutainment software with their characters.


Kyle added this comment :

Thanks for telling me beth. Now I know not to waste my time with download. :)


This game added this comment :

I've been searching for this game for many, many years. Sincere thanks to whoever was kind and thoughtful enough to upload it here!


beth added this comment :

I can't even play this game because it requires you to press F1 and F3 to play and select games and pressing F1 on my computer, the battery power screen shows up and when I press F3, it just disables my mouse and I can't figure out how to change the keys on my keyboard to turn that stuff off when i hit those keys. If anyone knows how, feel free to tell me here.


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