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Russian Soft
Russian Soft
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Description of Choose An Enemy

If you haven't play Choose An Enemy already, go ahead and download it now! Published in 1991 by Russian Soft, Choose An Enemy features action in a fighting genre.

One of the best examples of how Russians vent their anger (or maybe not…), Choose An Enemy is a fun mildless action game from little-known developer Russian Soft. The goal is simple: rescue your girlfriend by defeating bullies. There are three bullies to choose from, all pretty dim-witted but differ in terms of speed or how many teeth they can knock off your mouth at a time. That's right, teeth: once you choose an opponent to beat up, you'll be thrown to a neat first-person perspective, with 2 rows of teeth at the bottom of the screen for you (32 total, of course), and another 2 rows for your opponent. Your opponent will be sneering at you while he tries to land jabs or hooks. Winning is a simple matter of dodging at the right time and landing punches of your own. Mindless, yes, but might be a good alternative to stressballs 5-10 minutes at a time. Fans of mindless action games, especially Bloodlust's games, should definitely check this one out.
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