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In 1981, Strategic Simulations, Inc. publishes Computer Quarterback, a football (american) game for the DOS system. Offering strategy, simulation, sports genre, it is now an abandonware.

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OldMan added this comment :

Could not get the included apple emulator to work on XP. Found a working emulator here:
2013 01 09


Lonewolf added this comment :

True and false. The IBM PC was release in 1981 (August) and true, it's the apple version, the game was never released for dos


Chuck added this comment :

I played this game like a maniac when I was 10 years old in the late 80's. It's hugely outdated now I guess but it gave me lots of hours of fun. At the time even I had no idea this game was that old.


Meddle added this comment :

This isn't a DOS game. It's for the Apple IIe. Besides the IBM-PC wasn't commercially released until 1982.


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