Don't Go Alone

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: February 5, 2011 - 863 downloads

Role-Playing (RPG)
Accolade, Inc.
Sterling Silver Software
3.75 / 5
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Description of Don't Go Alone

Developed by Sterling Silver Software and published by Accolade, Inc., Don't Go Alone is a role-playing (rpg) game revolving around horror. It was published in 1989, feel free to download and play it now!

The one and only RPG from Accolade is a refreshing game set in modern-day haunted house. Control a party of four intrepid adventurers as they battle over 100 spooks in a muti-level maze. Innovatice touches include making alchemical formulae (the equivalent of spellcasting in this game), which is done with actual periodic table, and a good variety of ghosts. Overall, an above-average RPG that is not a classic, but does what it does well.
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Rex Luscus added this comment :

I've bought this game original in1992. It's a quite funny game for
beginners. In less than a week you can finish it.
It runs on hardware tested from original IBM PC /XT class with 8088/V20
CPU and CGA graphics up to modern netbooks like ASUS
EEEPC1000P with Windows XP SP3 and DOSBox 0.74.
Only if you want AdLib sound, you've to start an AdLib driver under
DOSBox before you start the game (see original manual page 1).
This version on this side is cracked, therefore you don't need the original "Spirit Finder" for the copy protection. Have fun! 5.2.2011


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