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Alt names
Eurofighter 2000, EF2000 TFX
Flight, Licensed Title
Ocean Software Ltd.
Digital Image Design Ltd.
1st-Person, 3rd-Person
4.49 / 5
17 votes
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Description of EF2000

In 1995, Ocean Software Ltd. publishes EF2000 (also known as Eurofighter 2000, EF2000 TFX), a flight, licensed title game for the DOS system. Offering simulation genre, it is now an abandonware.

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Screenshots used with permission from MobyGames.com

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Aibo added this comment :

That game play possible to windows xp?


SevenD added this comment :

game ini kok tidak bisa jalan di windows 7?????????????????


jodie added this comment :

Dulu saya punya games simulator ini, karena ganti pc saya kesulitan mencari games ef2000 ini. tetapi sekarang saya mendapatkanya di sini. pada saat saya menulis ini proses download sedang berlangung. Semoga saja bisa dimainkan kembali dengan lancar.
Thak you


kjp added this comment :

used to play this one during the 90s. this is the most realistic simulations game ever with campaign editor.


gamfunk added this comment :

Game is installed and runs, but then it closes and goes back to DOS window with following message:

clump: ra
version 01.40 by Col

Please help?


blitz added this comment :

Awesome game, very addicting, and very complex for a DOS flight simulator

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