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F-15 Strike Eagle III

DOS - 1992

Alt name
III הנשר התוקף F-15
Flight, Shooter
MicroProse Software, Inc.
MPS Labs
1st-Person, 3rd-Person
4.45 / 5 - 89 votes

Description of F-15 Strike Eagle III

To shortly resume F-15 Strike Eagle III (also known as III הנשר התוקף F-15), it's about simulation and flight, shooter. It was done by MPS Labs in 1992. Feel free to download and try it!

Micropose released in 92 one of the most advanced combat flight simulator on PC. After the success of the first two F-15 Strike Eagle, the final episode was up to its predecessors.

Armed with a M61 Vulcan canon, guided missile and laser guided bombs, you will have to succeed in 3 campaigns : Iraq, Korea and Panama. Theses campaigns include several missions, each mission has a primary goal and a secondary optional goal.

F-15 Strike Eagle 3 had awesome graphics when it was released, the F-15 is very detailed and realistic. A CD version was released later, including a new campaign based on the Gulf War events.

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Comments and reviews


torrejo added this comment :

great game


akas added this comment :

how to run the jurrasic park game


Fat Dan added this comment :

Still have the old original Floppies took 4 of them if I remember?
Can I run my old data files? I have a lot Service Metals if memory severs...


Ramiro added this comment :

To play use dosbox, you can find it googilng. :P


Starscream added this comment :

That's me!!


agdbnetru added this comment :

F-15 Strike Eagle III - третья часть авиасимулятора американского истребителя F-15. На этот раз вам предложат миссии в Ираке, Северной Корее и Панаме. В интерфейсе игры появился радар, что сильно упрощает поиск цели и маневрирование в бою. Также подкрутили графику - детализация земной поверхности стала на порядок лучше.


theo added this comment :

how to install it, im using win 7


taxse added this comment :

Ay se yet samk dayto


airstrike added this comment :



phucdoesminecraft added this comment :

awsome i love it


Maarten added this comment :

@80"s pilot
try mounting f15.COM instead of f15.EXE that worked for me

#4574 added this comment :

Still problem heree

- all seems to work correctly but I am STILL prompted to 'insert disk #1 into drive 'A' and press ENTER...'


bander added this comment :



Groundedpilot added this comment :


Have followed all the instructions above - including downloading dosbox 0.74 - all seems to work correctly but I am STILL prompted to 'insert disk #1 into drive 'A' and press ENTER...'

Please help - desperate to get flying!



admin added this comment :

Manual added, download manual button near download game's one


80"s pilot added this comment :

i cant download the manual appears de following message. ERROR: Files invalid. (1dd3841d)


odibil added this comment :

Please also send me the manual file(s), the installation of the game itself seemed to work well, I just need the English manual by now.


Jaqknife added this comment :

the manual is here for download!download|507l35|302858927|CG1993-F-15_Strike_Eagle_3_Manual-IND.rar|2303|R~62CD5CC42B750A51BA4C82916FB80352

1. to install get dosbox 0.74
2. from windows make a new fold on your c drive call it F15_inst or something and unzip the F15 SE 3 file there.
3. make another folder on c drive called dosgames
4. run the dox box from the dos xos type this...
5. mount A c:\f15_inst
6. mount C C:\dosgames
7. a:
8. install


sadowl added this comment :

How to install it from the hard disc?


hilbilly added this comment :

my grandpal was on the f15 program.


hi11i3r added this comment :

Excellent game, this was the last of the golden age of Microprose, F15 2 still is enjoyable, if a bit dated aswell. Whereas you can jump into the action in number 2, this third installment definately needs a manual.


admin added this comment :

Send us a mail with the contact page, I'll send it to you through email.


iceman525 added this comment :

Where can I find the CD version so I can buy it, because this download does not work.


iceman525 added this comment :

I have tried to download this program for 5 days and cannot get it to download. Could someboday tell me the solution please.


ICEMAN525 added this comment :



bones added this comment :

bravo two zero/zero.


THE Dude added this comment :

this game is definitely one of the best flight simulators ever. It kicks many "brand-new" simulators of today, with its playability, fun and realism. I 100% recommend it if you enjoy playing airplane games! But be warned: this game is quite addicting!

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