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Windmill Software
Windmill Software
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Description of Floppy Frenzy

Windmill Software gave birth to Floppy Frenzy in 1982, with the help of Windmill Software as publisher. Cool action game, the player evolve in a arcade theme with a perspective.

An early arcade classic from Windmill Software, famous for unleashing Digger to the unsuspecting public and converted many skeptics to PC gamers for life ;) Like all other Windmill games, Floppy Frenzy is simple, intuitive, and fun. Your objcetive: guide the floppy disk (5.25”, of course—look at the game’s date [EG]) through a maze, avoiding dust and magnets on the way. Fast, simple, and highly replayable. A proud entrant into our WISE Games collection, and another proof that good games do not need 3D graphics—or even 100KB of space, for that matter. Not as charming or addictive as Digger, but still far better than many huge, “bloatware” games on the market today. Thumbs up!
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gritche added this comment :

used to played it on my pc thanks for the free download


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