Genghis Khan

Published: February 1, 2009 - 2245 downloads

Action, Strategy
Historical Battle (specific/exact), Real-Time
3rd-Person, Side-Scrolling
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6 votes
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Description of Genghis Khan

If you haven't play Genghis Khan already, go ahead and download it now! Published in 1991 by Positive, Genghis Khan features action, strategy in a historical battle (specific/exact), real-time genre.

In my opinion the second-best KOEI series after Romance of The Three Kingdoms, this series is based on the awe-inspiring exploits of Temujin, a.k.a. Genghis Khan, the Mongol ruler who once ruled the biggest empire in the world. The RTK engine is tweaked to great effect to handle nomadic lifestyle and tribal warfare, such as the option to raze cities you conquer, more emphasis on hit-and-run style of combat, and more. One of the best features in both games is that after your unification of the Mongol empire is complete, you will have access to new strategic options, such as diplomacy, in your next step to conquer the known world. Definitely not to be missed!
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