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Flight, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
MicroProse Software, Inc.
MPS Labs
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Description of Hyperspeed

In 1991, MicroProse Software, Inc. publishes Hyperspeed, a sci-fi / futuristic, flight game for the DOS system. Offering simulation genre, it is now an abandonware.

Lightspeed and Hyperspeed are without a doubt two of the most underrated space sims of all time designed by celebrated Gunship 2000and F-15 Strike Eagle III designer Andy Hollis. Although billed as "adventure/strategy" games, they are actually space sims with some adventure game elements. Still, categorization quibbles can't hide the fact that they are two of the very best-- with fluid animations, cool ships, and great interface. In all, great space exploration sims that follow in the venerable Elite tradition. Highly recommended.
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Split added this comment :

I have the original manual. All 112 pages. If there is still any interest, I can get screen shots or scans of all of the pages, as having a word doc doesnt really help with finding the word on a specific line. Freenbeen@gmail.com; let me know. Thanks all! I'm having a blast in the Ragnarok Cluster.


breech added this comment :

I found the dox!

cd.textfiles dot com / ccbgames1994 / cheat/lightfix dot zip


mote added this comment :

The copy protection asks for words from sections of the manual that are not there. For instance "Section 7.1.6" - but the manual only goes up to section 4.9.


admin added this comment :

manual link fixed


xen added this comment :

still need a manual please... the link is the same as the dl link


admin added this comment :

Manual added


gulli added this comment :

are there cheats for this game


fuchsi21 added this comment :

Hello! have anyone the Hyperspeed Manual?


bulli added this comment :

it's broken. crashes right after start

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