Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

Published: March 6, 2012 - Last update: February 6, 2013 - 10012 downloads

Alt names
LR'94, ロードランナー レジェンド リターンズ
Action, Strategy
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Presage Software, Inc.
4.36 / 5
44 votes
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Description of Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

To shortly resume Lode Runner: The Legend Returns (also known as LR'94, ロードランナー レジェンド リターンズ), it's about action, strategy and puzzle-solving. It was done by Presage Software, Inc. in 1994. Feel free to download and try it!

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dvav added this comment :

dam i was finding this forever thanks


bob added this comment :



angelo added this comment :



L0r3n30 added this comment :

In order for it to work just remove the "-" at the end of all files and double click on loderunner.exe. It works fine under win 7 64bit! :D


wazza10 added this comment :



Flo added this comment :

Cmon guys, how do i load it with D-fend reloaded, the instructions are bad, since in this case there is a - behind all files, starting as dos or windows both say its the oposite, please fix this or explain


Darth noodles added this comment :

how do i get this download to work


shinnightmare added this comment :

awesome game!


Arkin added this comment :

Thank you for your Great Games and downloads you have been a great help to me, Thank You....


screw2343 added this comment :

very cool


chulump (Aka arachnibear) added this comment :

I played this when I was a kid...


winner added this comment :

i used winXP OS


winner added this comment :

hi how install the game please
i can't install


alston added this comment :

good game


LodeRunner added this comment :



arkaybee added this comment :

this game doesn't load using DFend

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