Lords of the Realm

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Alt names
英伦霸主, Lords of the Realm: Epic Medieval Strategy
Impressions Games
Impressions Games
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Description of Lords of the Realm

Developed by Impressions Games and published by Impressions Games, Lords of the Realm (also known as 英伦霸主, Lords of the Realm: Epic Medieval Strategy) is a strategy game revolving around . It was published in 1994, feel free to download and play it now!

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Fuzzpaw added this comment :

Love the classics


Tibago added this comment :

Awesome. Love it.


shawnaaron added this comment :

Love this game


KSC203 added this comment :

Sweet classic


clareece added this comment :

been a long time since playing this game


Lords IIrealm added this comment :



Paul K added this comment :

I had the German map too. It came with the CD release of the game.


jd420 added this comment :

Love it


phoenix added this comment :

cant get pass the soundcard in the setup, help


ihkaijuoi added this comment :

the game is the best for me...


Alan added this comment :

Fantastic game! Would also like to know how to find the German map. I remember playing it once it must be out there somewhere!


catalin added this comment :

fine i find you


shinedly added this comment :

Is there any way to play on the Germany map?


Collock added this comment :

This is one of the greatest sand box games of the 90's. Although Lord of the Realms II was much more popular I did not care for it because it was scenario based and took much of the grand stratgey out of the game play.

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