Operation Wolf

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Alt names
Operation Wolf: Take No Prisoners, オペレーション・ウルフ
Arcade, Coin-Op Conversion, Shooter
Taito America Corporation
Taito Corporation
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Description of Operation Wolf

Operation Wolf (also known as Operation Wolf: Take No Prisoners, オペレーション・ウルフ) is a game published in 1989 by Taito America Corporation, the theme is coin-op conversion, arcade, shooter. It features a action genre and uses a 1st-person perspective.

One of the better conversions of Taito's arcade games, Operation Wolf, like its arcade counterpart, is a furious first-person shooter that goes beyond a typical 3D target practice with fluid animations, a wide variety of enemies, and fun bonuses. Gameplay is standard click-to-shoot, but what makes Operation Wolf fun is that there are many types of enemies to shoot at, all of whom animated realistically. You will see infantrymen rolled from side to side to evade your fire before lobbing grenades at you; tanks lumber along and aim their deadly gun barrel at you; helicopters that hover too low can be shot down; et cetera. There are many ammo types and grenades to collect and use, as well as necessities such as first aid kits that restore your health. Operation Wolf may be mindless, but it's mindless fun at its best, for the same reason that its arcade counterpart was a huge quarters eater. Great for taking a break from more demanding action games on the market.
Review by HOTUD

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cool game thanks hotud


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