Populous: The Promised Lands

Published: September 21, 2011 - Last update: September 21, 2011 - 2252 downloads

Add-on, Managerial, Real-Time
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Bullfrog Productions, Ltd.
4.29 / 5
7 votes
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Description of Populous: The Promised Lands

Offering strategy in a world of managerial, add-on, real-time, Populous: The Promised Lands is an abandonware developed by Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. and published by Electronic Arts, Inc.. Released in 1989, you wander around in a isometric perspective.

The addon disk for Populous, the archive contains Populous with the additional disk installed.

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Cumulonimus_incus added this comment :

I am unable to get this to run on Win 7 64-bit, however Populous II runs fine. Darn. I like the worlds in this one better actually! All it does is black out my screen as if it's going to work, then the DOS windows screen comes up blank, it flickers, and I'm back where I started. Anyone know any work arounds? I did a Google search but could not find anything.


Devin added this comment :

i need to know the world shields so i can save


Theresajayne added this comment :

I remember playing the lego world on my old Amstrad PC1812
Amazing game, why aren;t games like this anymore


McKraken added this comment :

I love this one just as much today as i did back in the day ... a true master piece :) Between this one and syndicate, Bullfrog consumed a good chunk of my childhood LOL


myabandonware added this comment :

one of bullfrogs early success stories that was lead by Peter Molyneux and still looks good today


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