Red Lightning

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Alt name
Red Lightning: An Operational Game of World War III
Simulation, Strategy
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
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Description of Red Lightning

Red Lightning (also known as Red Lightning: An Operational Game of World War III) is a game published in 1989 by Strategic Simulations, Inc., the theme is turn-based. It features a strategy, simulation genre and uses a top-down perspective.

"A simulation of World War III in Central Europe. The game had some interesting concepts (e.g., forward deployment of subordinate units albeit at a cost of added fatigue), but the user-friendliness/clumsiness of inputs was so awkward as to make the product a tedious chore rather than an interesting or enlightening experience." [excerpt from M. Evan Brooks' Homepage]
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Iron Mike added this comment :

I wonder if it could be ported to modern tablets... I loved that game. Amiga version was the best in my opinion.


A Wise Old Man added this comment :

And what do you use five Amigas for anyway, other than TV post-production? Hell, even Babylon 5 dumped all the Amigas after the first season!


Dangelis added this comment :

I hate microsoft windows .always did..;my pc has always problems....meanwhile I have still 5 ..yes 5 amigas running ..still!


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