Rings of Medusa

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: June 8, 2011 - 1615 downloads

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Medieval / Fantasy
Starbyte Software
Starbyte Software
1st-Person, Top-Down
4.75 / 5
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Description of Rings of Medusa

Developed by Starbyte Software and published by Starbyte Software, Rings of Medusa (also known as ROM) is a strategy game revolving around medieval / fantasy. It was published in 1990, feel free to download and play it now!

Yet another pair of Amiga cult classics that did poorly on the PC, Rings of Medusa casts you as a prince of the kingdom who must amass armies and find ancient rings to defeat the Medusa that took over the kingdom. Each game is a curious mix of strategy (build armies via trade income) and RPG (find the rings) that's not too taxing in both but provide solid fun nonetheless. Rings of Medusa 2 adds more RPG elements with 3D dungeon romps and cool spells.
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Get some! added this comment :

I grew up playing this game! It's awesome. You can take over cities, castles, and small towns. You make an army for every city. You can build boats and have ship battles.


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