Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97

Published: July 2, 2011 - Last update: July 4, 2011 - 26250 downloads

Alt name
Sensible World of Soccer
Soccer / Football (European)
Renegade Software
Sensible Software
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136 votes
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Description of Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97

Discover Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97 (also known as Sensible World of Soccer), an excellent game of 1996. With top-down perspective, the publisher Renegade Software had wonderful ideas around soccer / football (european).

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J-Bolt added this comment :

This could bring back a lot of memories!


cross added this comment :

The best ever game of the 1995....i could believe every i woke up and came back from school just to open my pc and play this every day....

Hassan Nader
Gabriel Bautista
Mendoza brothers lol


Sensible Soccer added this comment :



cyhn added this comment :

win 7 ?


surfer added this comment :

Long live SWOS


Reacher added this comment :

Weird, I thought Fifa international, fifa 95, 96,97,98 and 99 were the fifas of the nineties. I used to have this game on the amiga.


wsk added this comment :

one of the best soccer games ever!!!


buttter added this comment :



LCCL added this comment :

The best game of de world :


Mad4Red added this comment :

The BEST game ever :))) spend milions of hour on it :)


abandonia reviewer added this comment :

this is the fifa of the 90s


Jaz added this comment :

Played the game ages ago! And just want to play it again!


cangeza added this comment :

its amazing


kool added this comment :

good game pals


Boris added this comment :

Oh my goodness! I used to play this all the time. The game play was unbelievable. I'm looking forward to playing this again. Thank you.


omadav311 added this comment :

best soccer game ever, no doubt about it. None of the "new" games, with all the graphics and stuff have came even close to SWOS


Swos rules added this comment :

Easily the best football game ever. :)


Pauliewaulus added this comment :

This game is still my favourate football game ever. The fact its 16 years old and FIFA 13 have only just started to use some of the features this game had is a testament on how well it was made. Game play was easy transfers very very innovative in cash plus player etc options, the choice of literally thousands of teams any were in the world,and job offers from other clubs makes this game innovative easy to play and so much fun. Now if


Marty Rock added this comment :

Can't get usb controller to work... Any advice please? I've changed game settings to joystick = true but no joy..


Robbie added this comment :

Use D-fend


shraga added this comment :



shraga added this comment :

i downloaded but windows 7 wont let me install or open the files, help plz anyone? :)


freddie added this comment :

Pure class footy sim!


a added this comment :



GreekFreekickerz added this comment :



Ahha added this comment :



mymoon added this comment :

Used to play it on the amiga for months. I still do sometimes. One of the best soccer games ever if not the best.


DariO added this comment :

Classic :)

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