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Everett Kaser Software
Everett Kaser Software
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Description of Sherlock

Developed by Everett Kaser Software and published by Everett Kaser Software, Sherlock is a strategy game revolving around puzzle-solving. It was published in 1991, feel free to download and play it now!

This is the old shareware DOS version, get the latest free trial or buy the full game on the official website

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RedSnt added this comment :

Just tried the windows demo on win7 and it works fine with midi and everything, so they might've fixed that bug. It is however limited to just 5(!!!) puzzles in the windows version and for a 1991 game I find the price of $19.95 pretty steep.

Oh, and it is probably the best logic game of all time in my humble opinion too.


Zsinix added this comment :

This was/is my favorite logic game of all time. So glad I found this! The last published Windows version isn't fully compatible with Windows 7, so I've been having to hum the old MIDI sequence to myself *dum ma lum, dumma lum, dum a lum, dum, bad da da da da da da da, bad da da da da da da da, da!*


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