Solitaire Royale

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: January 10, 2012 - 1473 downloads

Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.
Software Resources International
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Description of Solitaire Royale

To shortly resume Solitaire Royale, it's about strategy and cards. It was done by Software Resources International in 1987. Feel free to download and try it!

Excellent solitaire game with high historical value. In the designer?s own words at MobyGames: Solitaire Royale is ?...the first commercial instance of Card Solitaire on the PC and Macintosh. There are 8 different solitaire games, an "Aunt Anne's Tour" where you play all 8 in row, trying for the highest score, and 3 children's games. In addition, there are 10 different choices for deck art.? Solitaire Royale is a solid card game that has very high production value, as evident from both 16-color EGA graphics and mouse support ? something rarely found in a 1987 game. The user interface is top-notch: you can quickly jump from one solitaire game to the next by using the top menu bar, or peruse well-written solitaire rules or help on game mechanics. The games included range from the familiar (Klondike, Canfield, Pyramid, and Golf) to the more obscure (Corners, Calculation, Three Shuffles and a Draw, and Reno). The ?tour? option and children?s games are excellent value-added options, although they are not as full-fledged as QQP?s later classic Solitaire?s Journey. Overall, it?s the first commercial solitaire game that also ranks among the best. Highly recommended!
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Nick added this comment :

Best Solitaire Game on the market until Microsoft stuffed it up by introducing new Windows Software. Will no one convert the program for Windows 7???


sandi added this comment :

The best game I ever played.Had it on my old PC but it crashed,trying to get it back.


Sandi Lieber added this comment :

Best games I ever had or played


Sheridan Holman added this comment :

Been looking for this or years. Use to have it with my old mac. I too hope it works.


Miss Wittie added this comment :

This has been my favorite solitaire game since MSDOS. Can't play it on new equipment though. Hope the download works!


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