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Davidson & Associates, Inc.
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Offering educational in a world of , Spell It Plus! is an abandonware developed by and published by Davidson & Associates, Inc.. Released in 1989, you wander around in a perspective.

Solid edutainment program from Davidson & Associates. Design for age 9 to adult, Spell It Plus! helps students master of 1000 commonly misspelled words in a format that makes spelling so entertaining , they will want to spend hours at the computer. With five progressive learning activities, the game teaches common spelling words as well as spelling rules and patterns. Its challenging game reinforces the words students have learned in the other activities. Similar to other Davidson classics, Spell It Plus! is a very comprehensive package that includes both learning and testing components. There are five mini-games that teach the concepts in several different ways: you can decode the words, find and replace incorrect words, unscramble sentences, or simply learn the vocabulary at your leisure. The interface is very intuitive and well organized: every option can be selected from menu bars, and there are plenty of hints and comprehensive rules for every activity, making the manual unnecessary. Overall, another score for one of the best edutainment developers of all time. Best played in conjunction with Word Attack Plus!, another game in this series. Two thumbs up!
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Tical added this comment :

This is the best spelling game ever...well since 89"! I used to play this a few times per week and received Straight A's. Thank You so much for putting this game on MyAbandonware! Some times there is no better School like the old skool! YAYAY!


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