Squarez Deluxe!

Published: September 30, 2011 - Last update: July 21, 2012 - 348 downloads

Puzzle-Solving, Real-Time
Software Creations
Adept Software
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Description of Squarez Deluxe!

1993 saw the release of Squarez Deluxe! on the DOS system. A action game, created by Adept Software and distributed by Software Creations. If you like puzzle-solving, real-time, download, install and enjoy Squarez Deluxe!!

Squarez resembles Tetris in a sense that you must assemble sets of blocks in specific patterns so that they dissappear to make room for more blocks (repeat ad infinitum if you're lucky or skillfull). As opposed to Tetris' vertical action, Squarez plays horizontal, and instead of lines you seek to put together 3x3 squarez of blocks (hmm, they also might be called bloxz or something..). In addition to your common, non-compromising-though-non-misbehauvioring normal blocks, there are also numerous special blocks, with both beneficial and not-so-beneficial effects. Many of these are fun in two-player mode especially. I have to warn you, this one is very addictive and the two-player mode is quite fun as well - there's a misdesign in it though - instead of counting regular points for the players, the game ought to keep score on matches won or something more original, as it's quite boring when the other player loses the other is expected just to continue his/her own. Nevermind that though, you can always press ESC and start another one (and keep score manually, for that matter). So, this game comes highly recommended. Two thumbs up!
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Someone added this comment :

Use dosbox to run dos games on os later then windows xp,


lucy added this comment :

Squarez Deluxe tried but will not load can you help have not played for years thanks lucy


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