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Titus France SA
Titus France SA
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Description of Super Cauldron

Developed by Titus France SA and published by Titus France SA, Super Cauldron is a action game revolving around . It was published in 1992, feel free to download and play it now!

Super Cauldron is yet another platform game by Titus, well fitting to their long list of games in this genre such as Prehistorik, Blues Brothers and Titus the Fox. However, Super Cauldron is far more imaginative in terms of gameplay and quite different to most of their other jump'n runs with many nice items and twists. In this game, you are a cute little witch who is on a mission to find ingredients for a super spell (to put in your super cauldron, of course). Equipped with magical stones as your basic weapon, you will traverse a wide variety of levels, each set in a fantasy world with appropriately scary monsters (vampire bats, etc.) and atmosphere. What sets Super Cauldron apart from other Titus games is the inventive level design and cool power-up items. For example, you can pick up a broom to fly around the screen, although it has limited use. There are many items to find and secret areas to discover, and the game's soundtrack is-- for once-- much better than average bleeps from PC speaker. Controls are user-friendly, and animations are very smooth. Overall, a fun platformer that IMHO deserves a lot more notice than Titus' better-known Titus The Fox. Recommended!
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