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Medieval / Fantasy
3rd-Person, Side-Scrolling
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Description of Targhan

Offering action in a world of medieval / fantasy, Targhan is an abandonware developed by Silmarils and published by Silmarils. Released in 1989, you wander around in a 3rd-person, side-scrolling perspective.

A straightforward platform game with a simple kill-the-evil-foozle plot, Targhan recalls Psygnosis' earlier Barbarianbut with better graphics and more difficult monsters. Overall, it's a standard side-scrolling affair that has some nice graphical effects and VERY difficult gameplay that would come to characterize every subsequent Silmarils game. Although the game boasts of "more than 120 landscapes and 40 different characters," repetitive levels and cardboard-cutout characters make it feel a lot smaller. Plus, the fact that you can only save the game at specific "save points" is a curious console-game quirk that only adds to the frustration level. Although the animations of most monsters are good to amazing, you will be too preoccupied with finding the next save point to notice them. In short, don't try this one unless you consider yourself an arcade veteran.
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