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The Settlers II (Gold Edition)

DOS - 1997

Alt name
Die Siedler II (Gold Edition)
Simulation, Strategy
Compilation / Shovelware, Editor / Construction Set, Real-Time
Blue Byte Software GmbH & Co. KG
Blue Byte Software GmbH & Co. KG
4.56 / 5 - 161 votes

Description of The Settlers II (Gold Edition)

To shortly resume The Settlers II (Gold Edition) (also known as Die Siedler II (Gold Edition)), it's about strategy, simulation and real-time, editor / construction set, compilation / shovelware. It was done by Blue Byte Software GmbH & Co. KG in 1997. Feel free to download and try it!

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Comments and reviews


TJ added this comment :

One of the best games going bruv, trust ;) played it when I was 18, 36 now, still love it.


raqeeb added this comment :

this is a very cool game


CUTIE added this comment :

Hey! Awesome game!! I hope the reader of this comment has downloaded and played this game! :D


Mr sir added this comment :

Yea I got this game and age of empires the age of kings on my ds I spent so much time on them they were both really fun stratigy games


rednifreo added this comment :



Goldsamurei added this comment :

One of the best games going bruv, trust ;) played it when I was 8, 17 now, still love it.


QuiqueDR added this comment :

I was 6 year old, when my dad bought this game and I played it. This is the best game of all the settlers saga, no doubt.


emuland added this comment :



Minercarter added this comment :

This is one of my top 10 games and its a number 4
i love it


xylo added this comment :

luv da game!


thxmm added this comment :



sebejrib added this comment :

hvala, super igra. komaj cakam.


nervus70 added this comment :

souvenir souvenir


Recoder added this comment :

Thanks!!! =]


Minercarter added this comment :

you dont need a emulator you just extraced the files and you get a .exe
file of the game!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!!


rifal added this comment :

i can't open the game


Marc added this comment :

Awesome game (just a little slow).That music is still stuck in my head since i first played a decade ago.


cly added this comment :

The best Settlers game imho!


lohocla added this comment :

get DE-Fend Reloaded to play older games. GUI based, easy to use, has many features. free download last I checked


Duissane added this comment :

Such nostalgia!


Zola added this comment :

To play + sound (im running Win 7 64-bit)
Download and install 'DosBox'
run it
type 'mount d c:\s2g' (the directory)

For sound run the setup up first
type 'setup' instead of 's2' in the steps above. (mine work with one of the blasters)

Game is a city builder with some basic combat. At the time it was 7or8/10, but its aged quite badly in terms of gameplay, now 4or5/10. Game is enjoyable, but mainly for nostalgic players.


ogo added this comment :

game the best


Wi5d0m added this comment :

Great game!!!!


Infotainment added this comment :

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who need to use it in a more modern version of windows, you may need a 3rd party program. Dosbox is a game emulator that you must mount the image of the game onto. There is a link provided below in 'how to play abandonwares' that gives information on different emulators. For dosbox, all you must do is load the program, and you'll be given a 'dos' prompt. You must mount the image of the drive location of the games you'd like to play. For instance, if my games folder is located in c:\games I would need to type
mount d c:\games you then change directories by typing d: and the games you have will be in the folders assigned. To change directories within a drive, for instance, if the game WAS in c:\games\s2g which is how settlers 2 comes, I'd change to d: and then type cd s2g and you're in the folder with the game, type s2 and the game comes up.

Other noteable button combos for dosbox are alt + enter will maximize the screen, and on most games ctrl+f12 speeds up and ctrl+f11 slows down. That's as generally comprehensive as I can be in a comment.


pepe added this comment :

thanks to give me this game


danrh added this comment :



JesusisLord added this comment :

Good game !!!


Idiots added this comment :

DOS BOX bitchez!


mikk added this comment :

Where can i get the full game? this is just the demo


awesome dude so aswesome u r gay added this comment :

spell properly blad!

yours sincerely awesome dude


zarpicas added this comment :



disco added this comment :

Download dos box


godofwars202 added this comment :

the mouse seems to not want to work when i start a game


namenamee added this comment :

cool thanks


danz added this comment :

down load d-fend reloaded dump str8 to the programe and away u go :)


Rory added this comment :

Hi, what programs do I need besides WINzip because every time I unzip the file and select either 'Install' or 'Setup' it doesn't let me do anything! Really looking forward to playing this game again!
Help would be great :)


Tank added this comment :

Some of the best years of my childhood.


john added this comment :

yeah boy


tom added this comment :



DOSKING added this comment :


Use DOSBOX to play these games...


derSiedler added this comment :

best part of all settlers games..


searcher0 added this comment :

nothing i download works on my version of win7 64bit even when i put it into compatability mode

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