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Theme Hospital

DOS - 1997

Alt name
Частная клиника
Simulation, Strategy
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Bullfrog Productions, Ltd.
4.44 / 5 - 505 votes

Description of Theme Hospital

1997 saw the release of Theme Hospital (also known as Частная клиника) on the DOS system. A strategy, simulation game, created by Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. and distributed by Electronic Arts, Inc.. If you like managerial, download, install and enjoy Theme Hospital!

Comments and reviews


Alucard added this comment :

you call 5 mins a slow download? :P


RF added this comment :

Great game!!
But the game does not want to save! So I have to start afresh every time I launch the game. Any ideas how to solve the problem?


MentalZero added this comment :

Works fine using DosBox, (Win XP) Thanks. Have not played game fully, tested to see if it worked. If I enjoy the game I will purchase it from GoG, thanks for allowing me to try it first.


an added this comment :

good game


Mortus added this comment :

doesn't work on mac. fix. now.


LOL added this comment :

Super slow download


dl added this comment :

gonna relive my childhood!


Fizz added this comment :



Jo added this comment :

love this game


hiho added this comment :



oldies added this comment :

Best game of the 90s


jodzi added this comment :

great game as a kid would love to play again


lolo added this comment :



nano added this comment :

nice game


yan added this comment :



Alter ego added this comment :

This is fantastic, I remember a lot of these old games as a kid, some I didn't even get to play and would dream of having. I now get to fulfil that childish wish I had so many years ago.


Kat added this comment :

Is it legal to download this game?


Akira added this comment :

Super jeux , de bon souvenir


Mark added this comment :

I'm getting bugs on this one. Using DosBox, I can't set the Policy settings, which makes it a micromanagement nightmare. Also the research doesn't show up right. Maybe I did something wrong?


Producer added this comment :

I'm sorry, but the idea that sites like GOG are "helping" game developers and boosting the economy is a joke.

Original development companies for most of these games don't even exist anymore and in many cases have had their properties bought and resold several times over.

Paying for abandonware on a site that uses a cheap windows/dos wrapper or worse freeware DOSBOX is insulting.

I'd rather donate my money to sites like this one. Or if your feeling really generous to the coders, artists, designers and producers of these games who received little more then salary for 70 hr work weeks and teeny tiny bonuses if they were lucky.


sonic added this comment :

diese seite ist wirklich cool


admin added this comment :

Yes @fractal Feel free to rewrite it ;) We'll publish it


fractalLife added this comment :

Admin is entirely right. When a game is available from GoG, that's the right way to get it. The entire planet's economy is failing largely because of a lack of consumers ... if we actually buy things when the price is right, we can help.

That said -- ADMIN, most of the descriptions are just Awful. Can I re-write them for you?


stephanie added this comment :

plisss help meee... how to instal/ play the game after download??


ewka added this comment :



rithik added this comment :

i love this game a lot. It is old game but it is very super game.


toni added this comment :

best game :)


Nope added this comment :

Hyperium, there is a purpose.
Almost all of these games aren't available to buy unlike Theme Hospital.
Admin has a point.


Hyperium added this comment :

If you can't figure it out, you have no purpose downloading anything off this site.


admin added this comment :

Uploaded a better version, but please stop whining, this game is available on GoG for $6, flawless copy. Anyway, enjoy!


MasterGamer added this comment :

Okay this copy has some corrupted files, better fix them. One reason why it lags, also when I use CorsixTH for this there's always an error. Sorry but DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS COPY!!! The game itself is 100% great.


Sjia added this comment :

The game lags like hell when opened in DOSBOX/D-fend Reloaded. I even went to EA Support since they now OWN Bullfrog. They said to download it again. Did not work. Good game but lags.


maksa added this comment :

good for me


unknown added this comment :

i cant get it to work!


Anyt added this comment :

how do i open t once downloaded?


Mew Mew added this comment :

I used to LOVE this game. Quirky humours, cute graphics, and depth of game just enough to be engaging... but after a few levels the game gets way too repetitive...


Tails added this comment :

I HEART THIS GAME SO MUCH!! Can't wait to play it again!


Noob added this comment :

How do i open this game once downloaded?


Orange Is Friend To Orange (TRASKNARI REFERENCE) added this comment :

The game runs a little slow. but a good game.


Vissy added this comment :

Great old game, and now someone is working on a update/re-incarnation of the game.
just look for corsix-th


CryoDragon added this comment :

oh crap, i just brought this from


JesusisLord added this comment :

Very nice game, i wonder if any ever try to multiplay this ?


dafuqmaster added this comment :

epic game


A Wise Old Man added this comment :

Anyone got the Russian version? That one was actually more fun to play even if you didn't read a word of Commiespeak :)


ich added this comment :

best game ever xD


TO WTF added this comment :



Carlsgro added this comment :

This game is awesome


admin added this comment :

Download removed because it's available on GoG, you can spend a few bucks on this game to play it.


wtf added this comment :



ms added this comment :

i like it very much but i can't download it :((


sandra added this comment :



sire added this comment :

can not get the download


Faerie Evenstar added this comment :

I can't get this to download from here? Is there a problem with it...?


the nerd added this comment :

played this on my psp can't wait for it to finnish downloading


sub added this comment :

love this game


derSiedler added this comment :

from this game gives a open source game now...look to


Ada added this comment :

Good game


The Broker added this comment :

Many games in the 'Theme' series were less than good but this one is a gem. One of the first in the series, it set the tone for "micro-manager" games that require a fast mouse. Challenging but beat-able in a weekend - a fun download!

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