Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Published: November 6, 2010 - Last update: May 27, 2013 - 5428 downloads

Alt names
創世紀7:黑月之門, Ultima VII: La Porte Noire, Ultima VII - Die schwarze Pforte, Ultima 7
Role-Playing (RPG)
Medieval / Fantasy, Real-Time
ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
3rd-Person, Top-Down
4.35 / 5
17 votes
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Description of Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Offering role-playing (rpg) in a world of medieval / fantasy, real-time, Ultima VII: The Black Gate (also known as 創世紀7:黑月之門, Ultima VII: La Porte Noire, Ultima VII - Die schwarze Pforte, Ultima 7) is an abandonware developed by ORIGIN Systems, Inc. and published by ORIGIN Systems, Inc.. Released in 1992, you wander around in a 3rd-person, top-down perspective.

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Comments and reviews


doesnt matter added this comment :

man i played this a crap load when i was little thanks bro


BigBadGorg added this comment :

Haw man...i remember installing this out of its big black cardboard box from seven, count em' seven, 5 1/4" Floppy disks.


Itoo added this comment :

Like previous Ultimas, this map is completely open. It follows a linear plot at first, but eventually opens up about 10% in. It doesn't have quite the moral lecture of Ultima 4 or 6, but they're still there (steal enough items and see what your party members do.) There's TONS of items, mostly take-able, LOTS of unique characters with plenty of dialogue, and fun miniplots and side-jobs.

The overall plot is simple: a new moral doctrine is rampantly taking over Britannia, replacing the old 8-virtue system with its new thought. All the people you meet are either for, against or indifferent to it, but nearly everyone has something to say about it. It's your job to investigate the religion, wrapped around a murder, and restore harmony to the land.

I've replayed this game multiple times although I've only actually completely beat it once. I just enjoy walking around the world and moving pixels around. You will most likely need exult to run it on your modern PC, check out exult.com. Like VDMSound for dosbox games, it is specifically designed for Ultima VII to make it play right.

PS - Did I forget to mention the midi soundtrack? It's utterly beautiful.


Dungy added this comment :

For more information on the Ultima series, check out http://codex.ultimaaiera.com/wiki/Main_Page


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