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Alt names
Ultimate Qix, ヴォルフィード
Arcade, Coin-Op Conversion
Empire Software
Taito Corporation
4.15 / 5
253 votes
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Description of Volfied

If you haven't play Volfied (also known as Ultimate Qix, ヴォルフィード) already, go ahead and download it now! Published in 1991 by Empire Software, Volfied features action in a arcade, coin-op conversion genre.

Good conversion of Taito's popular arcade game of the same name. The PC version adds many bonuses and extras to the original from the early 80's. The game is very similar to an early game called Qix: you take control of an object whose purpose is roam the screen, closing rectangles and removing them from the playfield. The goal is to clear 80% or more of the screen, and each additional percent adds more points to your balance. As an arcade conversion, Volfied features 1- or 2- player games in three difficulty levels but no passwords or saved game feature. It is much more difficult than the original arcade version, although there are three levels of difficulty to choose from. Overall, as fun and addicting as the original, with dozens of levels to ensure that you'll keep coming back to it for a while. Two thumbs up!
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Sandy added this comment :

es el segundo juego que jugue en pc despues del solitario, quiero jugarlo de nuevo


görkem added this comment :

Super game, they don't make them like this anymore! Good times man! Good times!


anonimo added this comment :

cool thanks


iko added this comment :

how do you start the game? i can't pass the intro


1972er added this comment :



bianca added this comment :

am acest joc pe calculatorul vechi si merge perfect dar vreau sa il am si pe laptop si nu vrea sa imi porneasca din cauza faptului ca sistemul meu nu suporta modul "full screen" . Puteti sa ma ajutati?


danaoancea87@yahoo.com added this comment :



kuning added this comment :



rovin1230 added this comment :



nogi added this comment :

Would it work on a Mac?


RandomGuy1179 added this comment :

I love how the "download" button takes me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and my ears are bleeding(not because of gnr)


serkan added this comment :



merah added this comment :

back to memory lane!!!


sugypuly added this comment :

Ssuper jock


sp added this comment :

Hi. How can I install it? Tanks!


Benjy added this comment :

Thanks you I'm finding for a long time my favorite game when I'm a child


mck added this comment :



sadsa added this comment :



larger cristi added this comment :



Clarinskaya added this comment :

is grate!


jheajhea added this comment :



belea added this comment :



rumi added this comment :

i like to play it.


fox added this comment :


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