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Alt name
Wonderland: Dream the Dream...
Interactive Fiction with Graphics, Licensed Title, Puzzle-Solving
Virgin Games, Inc.
Magnetic Scrolls
3.6 / 5
5 votes
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Description of Wonderland

If you haven't play Wonderland (also known as Wonderland: Dream the Dream...) already, go ahead and download it now! Published in 1990 by Virgin Games, Inc., Wonderland features adventure in a licensed title, interactive fiction with graphics, puzzle-solving genre.

Magnetic Scroll's last adventure game (before they designed the inferior adventure/RPG hybrid The Legacy: Realm of Terror for Microprose) is in my opinion the best game they produced, filled with memorable characters, creative and challenging puzzles, and excellent windows-based interface, refined from Collection 1, that gives the player both the power of direct interaction with the parser and menu-based creation of sentences (similar to Legend's early games). You are none other than Alice, the hapless heroine of Lewis Carroll's immortalized "Through The Looking Glass", who inadvertently found herself in a fascinating fantasy world populated by talking animals and objects. In your quest to find your way home, you will interact with many well-written characters that truly capture the spirit of the novel, and solve many puzzles that are challenging yet all very logical. The game's many time- and location- based puzzles will truly force you to think in three-dimensions and be acutely aware of how long it takes to perform actions, and will give you a great sense of satisfaction when you figure them out. The shrinking/enlarging puzzle remains one of the most memorable puzzles of all time. Don't consider yourself an IF lover without playing this game!

Review by HOTUD

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Anonymous added this comment :

this doesn't work in dosbox for me, can anyone help?


Niknat added this comment :

I have been searching for this game for years...played as a kid and never completed...brilliant..hope its as good as i remember!


Mhatta added this comment :

This looks awesome......But I can't get it installed. =/ No way to get it working on vista I'll take it


tom added this comment :

same here. played it a ton as a kid but dont think i ever beat it. tough and got to be the best of the genre


BlackoutGlow added this comment :

This was the first game I ever bought, I think I was 9 or 10 at the time, which obviously was quite a long time ago so I'd since lost it. I'd been hunting for it on abandonware sites for years (literally). So, so SO excited to play it again.


semsph added this comment :

omg i can't wait to try this game out!!!

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