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Alt name
Thomas M. Disch's Amnesia
Detective / Mystery, Interactive Fiction
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Cognetics Corporation
3.5 / 5
4 votes
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Description of Amnesia

To shortly resume Amnesia (also known as Thomas M. Disch's Amnesia), it's about adventure and detective / mystery, interactive fiction. It was done by Cognetics Corporation in 1986. Feel free to download and try it!

This is a lengthy and complex IF based on an intriguing premise: waking up one day, you suddently find yourself having an amnesia, with no recollection of who you are. Along the way, you face a myriad of "real-world" puzzles, including how to keep yourself oriented to New York City's treacherous subway and convoluted streets. The score is also divided into several components to recognize that street-wise and intellectual actions are different. An captivating and well-written game, but very difficult.
Review by HOTUD

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dogpuke added this comment :

I can't remember playing this game....or did I?


Dr. Bubbles added this comment :

Anyway to turn down the screen resolution for the game? I'm using D-Fend.


Justyn added this comment :

This game is fun. I was able to paint some good images in my head while playing. I like how there are many endings to get so you can replay it and it always ends differently.


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