Apollo 18: Mission to the Moon

Published: February 24, 2011 - Last update: August 25, 2012 - 1567 downloads

Accolade, Inc.
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Description of Apollo 18: Mission to the Moon

If you haven't play Apollo 18: Mission to the Moon already, go ahead and download it now! Published in 1988 by Accolade, Inc., Apollo 18: Mission to the Moon features simulation in a flight genre.

Apollo 18 is an early space mission simulation by Artech, converted from the C64 to the IBM-PC by Ted Gruber Software. Problems might occur on fast computers. Try a slow-down util. Also don't forget to download the manual, you won't get far without it. Included in the archive is also the hi-res version. From Diana Gruber's home page (Ted Gruber Software): "The shipped version ran at a 320x200 resolution, but for a few dollars more, you could mail in a postcard and get a high-resolution (640x350, 16 colors) EGA resolution, considered revolutionary at the time. It was written in Fortran and assembler. Can you imagine that?" Overall, a nice space simulation that focuses more on playability than on accuracy or realism. Fun for a while, but die-hard fans of the subject should check out Microsoft Space Simulator or Orbiter instead.
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To Justyn added this comment :

You have to throttle the game way down to play, it is much to fast on modern computers. Moslo used to work, but DosBox has it's own throttle: CTRL-F11 will slow the game down to a playable speed. Use CTRL-F12 to speed it up if you go too far.


Justyn added this comment :

How the heck do you play this?


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