Balance of Power

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Alt name
Geopolitics in the nuclear age.
Simulation, Strategy
Historical Battle (specific/exact)
Mindscape, Inc.
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15 votes
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Description of Balance of Power

Developed by and published by Mindscape, Inc., Balance of Power (also known as Geopolitics in the nuclear age.) is a strategy, simulation game revolving around historical battle (specific/exact). It was published in 1985, feel free to download and play it now!

Balance of Power is among the first political simulation that emphasizes diplomacy and politics over outright aggression. When he first released this seminal game in 1984, Crawford single-handedly established the political simulation genre and left a lasting legacy on how to design good diplomatic models in a game that gives a nod to reality. You must use diplomacy, make treaties, issue risky, covert CIA or KGB actions, or riskier, direct military intervention to prop up 3rd world countries or help their insurgents and win them to your governmental philosophy: Capitalism or Communism. The game, not surprisingly, attracted many non-gamers to the field and inspired countless books on the subject. International cold war politics at its best!
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CJR added this comment :

Works on the BBC Master 512


Another Linux User added this comment :

@Linux user
sudo apt-get install dosbox


@LinuxUser added this comment :

If you can't get this working on linux then stop using linux..


Linux user. added this comment :

Make support for my computer please? :)


Atari Old School added this comment :

This was one of the best games I played when I was 15 on my Atari 520ST. It not only taught me about politics and world affairs it was also a game that till this day I can remember almost all about how to play it. I am eager to relive my youth with the game.

And Yes Atari did make some of the best computers at the time, the graphics were better then Apple and Commodore.


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