Blue Angels: Formation Flight Simulation

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: January 2, 2014 - 1277 downloads

Flight, Licensed Title
Accolade, Inc.
Artech Digital Entertainments, Inc.
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Description of Blue Angels: Formation Flight Simulation

Discover Blue Angels: Formation Flight Simulation, an excellent game of 1989. With 1st-person perspective, the publisher Accolade, Inc. had wonderful ideas around flight, licensed title.

Although it is really a flight simulation, Blue Angels' focus on the exciting world of air shows makes it closer to a sports game than a flight sim. Instead of shooting downs MIGs or make bomb runs as in other flight sims, here you perform over 25 actual air show maneuvers with your famed acrobatic squadron the Blue Angels. Unfortunately the flight dynamics were almost non existent; for example, turning off the engine would bring the plane to a halt, some distance from the ground, and the aircraft could be rotated around it's axis. However, the game's great camera angles and graphics help cover this eggregrious fault. It also had digitised speech, which played through the PC speaker (The pilot in command would shout `Break! Break!' if you flew the pattern too poorly). Overall, a fun game for flight sim beginners who aren't too concerned with realism in their games-- definitely not for ace pilots.
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Jegas added this comment :

DosBox 0.74 + Win7 (64bit) - WORKS GREAT!

I just found it too too grainy to mess with after playing with the simulators I do now for flight. I tried too - it's too to grainy. I love old stuff - but this one just was too blan.


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