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Alt names
魂斗羅, 魂斗罗, Probotector, Kon To Ra, Gryzor
Arcade, Coin-Op Conversion, Shooter
Konami, Inc.
Konami Industry Co. Ltd.
3rd-Person, Platform, Side-Scrolling
3.96 / 5
23 votes
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Description of Contra

In 1988, Konami, Inc. publishes Contra (also known as 魂斗羅, 魂斗罗, Probotector, Kon To Ra, Gryzor), a coin-op conversion, arcade, shooter game for the DOS system. Offering action genre, it is now an abandonware.

A good PC conversion of Konami's hit arcade game of the same name, Contra is a Vietnam war platform game that features Rambo-style one-man commando against seeming the entire planet's enemy population, complete with colorful explosions, varied enemy units, and excellent level design. Although Contra may look just like every other shooter on the market, the game actually offers a much greater gameplay variety than its rivals. The play control, for example, is very responsive, and you can shoot in any direction. You can also cling to walls, jump, and dodge objects (no, not rifle bullets). You can even hold down the fire button for auto-fire, just like in the arcades. The only glaring weakness I've found is that the game is a bit too short though-- but then again, this is true for most Konami game. The bottom line is this: Contra is fun, fast-paced, and slightly easy... but that shouldn't turn veterans away. No, not from a game whose name is still going strong in various console-based games, although only one more PC conversion (Super C) was made. Two thumbs up!
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JoeyCagle added this comment :

This doesn't work. I keep getting a screen about some old BBS and the game never loads.


papache added this comment :

the best game for to lear to kill fucking vietnamites


manijkumar amaliyar added this comment :

this is my favourite game


lolo added this comment :

v.good game


Kaushik added this comment :

I downloaded the game but unable to play it through the D-Fend setup . Some Help.


TheGustlik102 added this comment :

The description of this game is about Contra III, not the original Contra.

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