Dark Seed

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Alt names
黑暗之蠱, זרע האופל , Dark Seed 1, Darkseed
Cyberdreams, Inc.
Cyberdreams, Inc.
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Description of Dark Seed

Download Dark Seed (also known as 黑暗之蠱, זרע האופל , Dark Seed 1, Darkseed) for free now. Published in 1992 by Cyberdreams, Inc., enjoy a adventure game with horror theme!

One of the most memorable (and few) science fiction- horror games ever released, Dark Seed is an interesting horror/scifi story based on the haunting artwork of H.R. Giger, creator of Aliens. As writer Mike Dawson, you must travel in both the human and alien dimensions to thwart the aliens' evil plans. Interesting premise and outstanding graphics make for an interesting game that unfortunately gets bogged down with too many illogical (and timed) puzzles. A good first effort from Cyberdreams, and *much* better than its horrible successor Dark Seed 2.
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indstr added this comment :

Wow, I remember seeing this one time in Radio shack and thinking it looked incredible. I've still never really played it, but I still remember it from looking at the box. I should try it someday


UGC added this comment :

Hey Guacho, try running it with the .bat file instead of just writing start.
Type: start.bat and it should'nt freeze! :D
I still have a problem, why is there no speech?


Guacho added this comment :

It freezes after Mike gets an alien fetus in his brain.


MENTD added this comment :

H.R. Giger didn't create ALIENS, he created ALIEN. James Cameron (ALIENS director) didn't involve Giger in ALIENS and the film suffered because of it. (Looked like plastic crappy sets as opposed to the awesome Giger sculpted sets and creature from the first film.)


F0XX added this comment :

Not just cheap thrills


Jack Halftrack added this comment :

HR Giger art. Remember the movie Alien ?

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