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Alt names
The Official Frogger, Highway Crossing Frog, フロッガー
Arcade, Coin-Op Conversion
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Konami Industry Co. Ltd.
3.73 / 5
11 votes
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Description of Frogger

Offering action in a world of arcade, coin-op conversion, Frogger (also known as The Official Frogger, Highway Crossing Frog, フロッガー) is an abandonware developed by Konami Industry Co. Ltd. and published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.. Released in 1983, you wander around in a top-down perspective.

Frogger is a 1/2 player game in which the players have to move their frog from the bottom of the screen to the top. Numerous hazards must be avoided to win the game withour being run over or drowned.

First half of the screen is a bidirectional flow of road traffic, including buses, cars and race cars. The second half of the screen consists of a river with moving logs and sinkable turtles. The frogs must hop on the logs and the sinkable turtles to get home at the top of the screen.

Some bonus points are given if you hop on a lady frog on a log and escort her home. A fly may appear as well in the home base, giving extra points. The river also has crocodiles, snakes and otters, them may be used to cross the river except for the snake, those are deadly for the frog. The other animals can be used when their mouth is closed.

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markegiani added this comment :

One of my first games ...


dimasmicky added this comment :

Lástima, pensé que era como del atari! aun así muchas gracias por subirlo


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