Jazz Jackrabbit

Published: June 26, 2011 - Last update: April 5, 2014 - 15756 downloads

Epic MegaGames, Inc.
Epic MegaGames, Inc.
3rd-Person, Platform, Side-Scrolling
4.48 / 5
128 votes
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Description of Jazz Jackrabbit

If you haven't play Jazz Jackrabbit already, go ahead and download it now! Published in 1994 by Epic MegaGames, Inc., Jazz Jackrabbit features action in a shooter genre.

Captures and Snapshots

Screenshots used with permission from MobyGames.com

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lolas added this comment :

i love it


tea added this comment :



indstr added this comment :

Good game. Kind of a Sonic clone. It was OK but I preferred other platformers such as Hocus Pocus and Xargon.


Rubberknife added this comment :

It features only up to the 4th stage.. is this the full version of the game or a demo?


joey added this comment :

Love it


Angie Smoky added this comment :

I grew up with this game, i love it


Hamed added this comment :

my childhood's dream


copy added this comment :

i used to over play this game as a kid back in '98 it was apart of a multigame disc that had classics as well as this game, and this was by far my fav of the disc, brought it everywhere, before the disc got scratched so bad that it only worked when it wanted, then my brother snapped the disc and threw it away when he was mad. and yes, i cried over that game, and thus my gaming spirit was born.


Ghost added this comment :

These are DOS-Files, not Windows... Use DOSBox to run the game. There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet.


whydoode added this comment :

cant play it!!!


thomas added this comment :

aw yiss


4Fun added this comment :

I can t play it ! How can i play it ?


ana added this comment :

but...can't open the game! are some files there!how i can play?


bob added this comment :

so much nostalgia!!!


Tipu added this comment :

Like it


Carlsgro added this comment :

This game is awesome


duongkute added this comment :

I love it. can i dowload it free?


hunterman added this comment :

all it gave me was a file full of random files. no start or nothing how do i play!?


ajai added this comment :

mega hit game


EpiC_Guy added this comment :

I think this was my first pc game back in the day ! #memories


Raminess added this comment :

One of the best sprite-based games I've ever played. EVER.


farrukh added this comment :

very good game


shortsaker added this comment :

very creative


chizo130196 added this comment :

ooooh!!! My childhood!


4D added this comment :

one of the best

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