King's Quest

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: July 20, 2012 - 9246 downloads

Alt names
KQ1, King's Quest: Quest for the Crown, King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown, King's Quest 1
Medieval / Fantasy, Puzzle-Solving
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
4.41 / 5
40 votes
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Description of King's Quest

In 1987, Sierra On-Line, Inc. publishes King's Quest (also known as KQ1, King's Quest: Quest for the Crown, King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown, King's Quest 1), a medieval / fantasy, puzzle-solving game for the DOS system. Offering adventure genre, it is now an abandonware.

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zorkie added this comment :

Worked perfectly after download of Boxer. A blast from my past.


Syntax added this comment :

Yeah.. I get the missing "agi" file error as well. Please fix!


someone added this comment :

Kings Quest I worked great except for one thing... I CANT SAVE.Please help, Anonymous


Me added this comment :

I tried to run this game using Dosbox. Seemed to install okay except it complained it was missing a few files, then gave me the "missing 'agi' file" as well when I tried to actually run it. Are we missing something here??


john lennon added this comment :

i downloaded the game and dfend, but still no luck. followed steps to the letter. said something about an 'agi' file thats unable to be found. please help.


guest added this comment :

Review of King's Quest for DOS:


zman added this comment :



hades added this comment :

is the 1984 original version, not the remake one, available? thx


MyAbandonware added this comment :

Thx you're right, error fixed !


Anon added this comment :

The screenshots are from the fan-made remake...

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