Legend of The Sword

Published: February 1, 2009 - 996 downloads

Description of Legend of The Sword

1987 saw the release of Legend of The Sword on the DOS system. A adventure game, created by Silicon Software and distributed by Rainbird Software. If you like medieval / fantasy, puzzle-solving, download, install and enjoy Legend of The Sword!

Legend of the Sword is a well-written fantasy adventure that was revolutionary in many ways for its time despite its being relatively unknown: fluid mouse support, on-screen map, compass rose, and some RPG elements such as random encounters and passage of day and night. The find-the-magical-sword plot is typical, but well-written. With engaging puzzles and many locations to explore, this is one of Rainbird's finest underdogs, and much better than its sequel Final Battle. Recommended.
Review by HOTUD

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