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Game Show, Puzzle-Solving, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Interplay Productions, Inc.
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Description of Lexi-Cross

Offering strategy in a world of game show, puzzle-solving, sci-fi / futuristic, Lexi-Cross (also known as Lexicross) is an abandonware developed by Platinumware and published by Interplay Productions, Inc.. Released in 1991, you wander around in a perspective.

This hugely underrated game was also designed by one of the most underrated designers. (Peter Oliphant was responsible for many hits for Cinemaware before he joined Interplay and became one of their best programmers). This is a fun word-based futuristic gameshow where the objective is to reveal the words which are concealed under a matrix of tiles, and then solve the puzzle that the words suggest by typing in the answer before your opponent. A highly entertaining solo game that's even better in 2-player mode. Highly recommended.
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The Nerd added this comment :

This came up when I searched my friend's name Lexi Cross and we laughed, now she is going to get the game. Lol.


DrP added this comment :

Can't get the game to activate and can't find a copy of the manual anywhere


Zanbabe added this comment :

This is a fantastic game that I loved when it was first out. The robot thing was great, and my friends and I loved the gameshow competition aspect. I would love it if someone would bring this back for iPad or something. The only bad thing about it back then is that they had misspelled words in some of the puzzles... bad editing job for a word game.


Rocketbuilder added this comment :

I loved this game as a kid so I was pleased to find it again. The puzzles and game play are still enjoyable. I didn't need the manual to activate the game either by the way. Just type anything in when prompted, that worked for me anyway.


Talax added this comment :

Lexi-cross is one of my favorite games from the time. When I came across a reference to it recently, I just had to find it again.


Tahte added this comment :

One of the best games ever.


Rainn added this comment :

i spent hours playing this game!! i loved it then and love it now.


RichDos added this comment :

Lexi-Cross is a great game, but you need to manual to activate it and that is not included in the download.

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