Little Computer People

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: December 27, 2011 - 6134 downloads

Alt names
The Activision Little Computer People Discovery Kit, House-On-A-Disk
Activision, Inc.
Activision, Inc.
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Description of Little Computer People

Little Computer People (also known as The Activision Little Computer People Discovery Kit, House-On-A-Disk) is a game published in 1985 by Activision, Inc., the theme is real-time. It features a simulation genre and uses a platform perspective.

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Harpuneet added this comment :

I cant get past level 3 on your game manic miner. there is a bug that i fall through the floor and die. how can this be such a good game if this happens every time and cannot pass. there are much better game here like farm hero saga but i think the websight should let people know that the program is faulty and needs more work


mavis9nixon added this comment :

how do u run lcp


DiAL033 added this comment :

Definitively Apple II screens. You can tell by the odd miscolouring in certain parts (1st screen, lower text, for instance) which is typical for the apple2 colour mode. The download is the emulated c64 version though.


Petruza added this comment :

The screenshots are clearly not from Commodore 64


Sixteen Plus added this comment :

This is the Apple II version, not C64.


Wertzui added this comment :

This is the C64 version emulated, not a native DOS game

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