Number Munchers

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Math / Logic, Puzzle-Solving
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Description of Number Munchers

Number Munchers is a game published in 1990 by MECC, the theme is math / logic, puzzle-solving. It features a educational genre and uses a top-down perspective.

In the designer's own words about this popular children's title: "You, as the energetic green Muncher, run around a grid eating prime numbers while being chased by wicked and hungry Troggles who eat you if they catch you. One of MECC's all-time best-selling titles, it's basically just very entertaining flashcards based on the classic Pac-Man model." Like IBM's early classic Adventures in Math, MECC took a KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), route to edutainment for Number Munchers, and pulled it off with a game that's very easy to learn, but very captivating for its target group (kids ages 5 - 12). A great game that will keep your kids entertained for a long time while brushing up on their algebraic skills. Thumbs up!
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shmootlat added this comment :

sexy fried chicken with da kool aid


phil added this comment :



may added this comment :

I love this game I would rate it a 5


StephStephy added this comment :

I really love playing this game when I was in elementary school


Phoenix13 added this comment :

I try to change the difficulty level, but it says the disk is protected? How can I fix this?


TheFireBat added this comment :

WOOOOOOW... just wow!

So many fond memories I remember playing this on an old Apple 2E with a big old 4" floppy in glorious monochrome green! But IN COLOR!? I'LL TAKE IT!


Farmtalk added this comment :

Cant believe I found this! I played this everyday in school! :D


anon2524 added this comment :

Seems that Word Munchers isn't here on this site, so here's the ISO:


Adam added this comment :

The first computer game I can remember playing. So much fun.


Sin added this comment :

No more battling for the school's Apple computers to play this!

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