Omar Sharif on Bridge

Published: February 1, 2009 - 993 downloads

Alt name
Omar Sharif's Bridge
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Interplay Productions, Inc.
Oxford Softworks
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Description of Omar Sharif on Bridge

1992 saw the release of Omar Sharif on Bridge (also known as Omar Sharif's Bridge) on the DOS system. A strategy game, created by Oxford Softworks and distributed by Interplay Productions, Inc.. If you like cards, licensed title, download, install and enjoy Omar Sharif on Bridge!

Oxford Softworks and Interplay's first bridge game, Omar Sharif on Bridge won endorsement by famous actor and world-class bridge player Omar Sharif, and for good reason. The game is an excellent full-featured bridge game, with excellent computer AI and competent on-line hints. Although Electronic Arts' Grand Slam Bridge sports better graphics and more intuitive interface, Omar Sharif easily surpasses in terms of tough computer opponents and ther sheer number of gameplay options, including cosmetic ones such as changing graphics for the back of the cards. You can even recreate historical matches by entering the moves manually, and play from any point onward. Overall, Omar Sharif is a well-rounded program that is perfect for bridge beginners, since its excellent tutorial and hints are very useful to anyone who has never played bridge before. The lack of tournament options or career mode may turn off bridge veterans who are looking for a long-term game-- they would be well advised to try QQP's Bridge Olympiad instead, since that game is targeted towards intermediate and advanced players.
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