Omni-Play Horse Racing

Published: September 20, 2011 - Last update: March 11, 2014 - 1079 downloads

Alt names
Sports of King, Sport of Kings
Simulation, Sports
Horse / Derby, Managerial
DesignStar Consultants, Inc.
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Description of Omni-Play Horse Racing

Developed by DesignStar Consultants, Inc. and published by SportTime, Omni-Play Horse Racing (also known as Sports of King, Sport of Kings) is a simulation, sports game revolving around horse / derby, managerial. It was published in 1989, feel free to download and play it now!

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James added this comment :

Foreropa.This is not the game, but a good game for its time period.The other game you're looking for is on this Abandonware website.It has really cheezy bar graphics, but fun for old times sake.


Foreropa added this comment :

Do you know where to find the other packs of this game? Especially one that you only bet and there was a horse called Go wimp go? You can write me to if you have any idea about it. Thank you.


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