Renegade Legion: Interceptor

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Alt name
Renegade Legion: Interceptor - The First Line of Defense
Licensed Title, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Turn-based
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
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Description of Renegade Legion: Interceptor

Strategic Simulations, Inc. gave birth to Renegade Legion: Interceptor (also known as Renegade Legion: Interceptor - The First Line of Defense) in 1990, with the help of Strategic Simulations, Inc. as publisher. Cool strategy game, the player evolve in a licensed title, turn-based, sci-fi / futuristic theme with a top-down perspective.

Based on an excellent but little-known FASA boardgame of the same name, Renegade is a ship-to-ship space combat simulation that was among the first games to feature turn-based gameplay combined with real-time simultaneous execution of combat. Choose between single-player and two-player hotseat, and create your squadron to take on increasingly difficult missions in the war between the Terran Overlord Government and non-human Commonwealth. A great variety of weapons and other gadgets to outfit your ships and a versatile custom ship builder module make up for the game's lackluster AI and repetitive missions. Overall, a great game for fans of FASA's RPG universe, and a much better game than the mediocre flight-sim sequel Battle for Jacob's Star released years later.
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DhamaBum added this comment :

This game rules! (Both the boardgame & this.) However, the gui is better on the Amiga.


A Wise Old Man added this comment :

THis game was a knockoff of Star Fleet Battles. Played even worse than that mess, if you can believe that.


Dionosira added this comment :

D-fend is a Gui interface basicly for Dosbox, so in effect the same thing, skipping past all the tedious dos commands that went out the door in with windows 3.1, Unless you use linux, which I only run on my server.


2Dionosira added this comment :

You'll probably want to install DosBox to run old MSDOS games. It works on Linux, Windows and probably even Mac OS-X.


Dionosira added this comment :

Well anybody have a clue how to get this to work in D-fend? im all out of ideas lol


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